Match Action: Crystal Palace 1-2 Tottenham Hotspur

Fine margins went against Crystal Palace as, despite a frantic injury-time surge and a Jordan Ayew wondergoal, fell to a 2-1 defeat at the hands of Premier League leaders Tottenham Hotspur.

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  • @jsangchocss

    100% handball

  • @terrya8989

    How could Ayew's not be a handball? The level of incompetence from the refs/VAR is staggering.

  • @diegocpalace

    Pleased with the first half Crystal Palace performance

  • @andreyli8634

    It was a handball. He might not have been able to handle the ball quickly in other cases.

  • @TheJohnCooperShow

    That was a clear handball - he took the pace out the ball, by cushioning it with hand and slightly directing it so it set up Infront him

  • @beardtrick

    Handball all day long! VAR have no clue what they are doing. Slowly but surely killing the game

  • @Barry_Tsedaka
    @Barry_Tsedaka28 күн бұрын

    We love you Palace. Thank you for the moment of silence, you've definitely earned the respect of all Israelis forever and ever 🇮🇱

  • @leadersjs8904

    Ayew goal was great but it was obvious handball

  • @Reno-bf1sl

    Ayew stole Vicario's clean sheet. This is not fair.

  • @user-rc1qe2fk8e

    Handball foul turned into a goal.

  • @christiannuworkpor1162

    Well done Ayew

  • @thebrickguru6838

    Good defending at the end

  • @tirtoananda4348

    Brilliant Own Goal From Joel Ward + Goal From Jordan Ayew In The Stoppage Time. Crystal Palace Defeat Against Tottenham Hotspur In The Selhurst Park.

  • @jamespopcorn11

    In what planet is that not a handball?

  • @fallschirmjager9260

    CP played loosely, like a winning team.

  • @e9cw196

    What roy said after the match is awful. Ive backed roy for a while but how he can publicly say that about our youngsters…

  • @kwakuboatengLibaski

    Well done Ayew

  • @suncity803

    nice goal Ward 😂

  • @peterrose4847

    WHY ? .... if a team loses or are outplayed by Palace, it is ALWAYS because that team "played badly" and never because Palace played well and stopped them playing as they wanted ?.

  • @spurs7151

    That was Reverse Karma. The own goal happened because the Football God foresaw that Ayew would score a goal with a handball.